Board of Directors and Control Bodies

Karim Beshara Chairman
Claudio Corbetta Chief Executive Officer
Lorenzo Lepri
General Manager
Fadi Antaki Director
Barbara Adami Lami1 Director
Youssef Bassem Director
Cristiano Esclapon 1 Director
Carolina Gianardi 1, 2 Director
Sofia Maroudia1 Director
Maurizio Mongardi Director
Ragy Soliman Director
Sophie Sursock Director
Philip Tohme Director

1 Indipendent Director in accordance with the Self-governance Code for Listed Companies
2 Member of the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 composed of Maria Stefania Sala, Carlo Ravazzin and Carolina Gianardi as Chairman

Compensation and Nomination Committee Barbara Adami Lami (Chairman), Sofia Maroudia, Maurizio Mongardi
Control and Risks Committee Carolina Gianardi (Chairman), Sofia Maroudia, Barbara Adami Lami
Commitee for Related Party Transaction Carolina Gianardi (Chairman), Sofia Maroudia, Barbara Adami Lami