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Dada launches competitive and innovative advertising made easy

Firenze, 14 Aprile 2009 - Dada S.p.A. ( presents Simply (, the online performance advertising platform with return optimization technology, offering valuable benefits to both advertisers and publishers. Simply works dynamically and transparently, guaranteeing a high performance advertising marketplace available online around the world.

Simply is an advertising tool for anyone who wants to promote products or services to thousands of potential clients through online advertising campaigns. With even the smallest budget, in just a few clicks, advertisers can activate a campaign, personalize the format, choose the campaign duration and target audience and set objectives for distribution on Simply's network. Through contextual and behavioral targeting tools, and at prices comparable to other networks, advertisers can obtain maximum return on all impressions.
All investors have access to simple, easy-to-read, detailed reports to monitor their campaign.

Simply allows anyone to earn from their website by publishing banners in line with their site's content (display and text adverts), obtaining maximum return on impressions (views). Each impression is paid out and analyzed according to both the content of the web page (contextual targeting) and the behavior of the user (behavioral targeting). Designed and developed entirely by Dada, Simply's unique algorithm studies recently clicked pages and ads to provide promotional messages that are in line with the user's interests.
Simply doesn't process personal data but it analyzes clickstream in a completely anonymous way. In any case, users can block anonymous profiling at any time by deactivating the cookies.

Simplicity and innovation
Simplicity and technological innovation have guided research and development in the Ad-server and targeting solutions sector. Simply works in the online advertising marketplace and offers:
- a fully automated system where anyone can buy and sell advertising on digital media networks in a truly simple way;
- the best advertising available today, based on user behavior and the type of content found on the websites where the ads are placed.

In connection with the main international online networks, Simply is able to access a user base of several billion impressions per month in 83 different countries: "Our experience in the domain name sector and daily contact with thousands of customers and businesses seeking a presence online, has shown us that just because you are on the internet, doesn't necessarily mean you will be found: one of our short-term objectives is to convert a part of our customer base (more than 450,000 clients across Europe)" - says Paolo Barberis, Chairman and Founder of Dada - "We are bringing our advertising expertise to this user base. According to a recent study carried out by Nielsen, our web properties* reach around 62 million unique visitors per month and represent one of the largest networks in the world".

Simply's multi-channel web and mobile platform further adds to's portfolio of vertical offers., a business unit of Dada S.p.A., offers online solutions to professionals across Europe (Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands and Spain) and currently manages 1.4 million domains.

* Dada and RCS web properties reach around 62 million unique visitors per month