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The new download service for FASTWEB clients

Milan, November 29, 2010
- In cooperation with Dada, FASTWEB has just launched a new service called FASTWEB Music, an easy, convenient and legal way to download and listen to music.

On FASTWEB Music - accessible through Myfastpage on the portal - FASTWEB clients can will have access to a catalogue of millions of songs from major and independent record labels. FASTWEB Music is constantly updated and every day dozens of new songs are added, including remakes of old classics, new hits and exclusive releases that hit the web before the stores.

For the highly-competitive promotional price of just 6 Euros, subscribers can download 15 high-quality mp3s per month that can be listened to on any computer, smartphone or any other kind of mp3 player. Additionally, subscribers will have access to unlimited streaming of the entire music catalogue. Subscribers can choose a pre-set playlist according to the genre of music they like, or with just a few clicks, users can create a customized playlist with their favorite songs.

"We decided to launch FASTWEB Music because we want to offer our clients a new way to access music on the internet" commented Danilo Vivarelli, FASTWEB Director of Strategies. "We believe that the fight against piracy can be fought by offering consumers a high-quality, easy-to-access and easy-to-use service".

"We are very satisfied to offer FASTWEB clients an online music service" - said Managing Director Massimiliano Pellegrini - "For the Italian market this is truly an innovative project. aims to music available to an increasingly wider public in a legal way. Through this partnership we decided to share the innovation that guided the creation of our music service with FASTWEB, which has always been one of the leaders in digital development in Italy".

"Many people have spoken about the need for cooperation between telecom carriers and the music industry in order to develop a digital market; the launch of Fastweb Music is concrete proof of this kind of cooperation" stated FIMI Chairman Enzo Mazza at today's presentation at the Digital Music Forum 2010.